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Dragonfly Recording

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The recording of Dragonflies and Damselflies at Moor Green Lakes began in 1993 and has been a transect based, systematic survey undertaken annually since 1997. The area covered is currently contained within the Grove and Colebrook Lake boundary fence and that length of the River Blackwater directly adjacent to both lakes.

Visitors to site may record any observations relating to Damselflies and Dragonflies on the monthly sighting sheets posted in both Grove and Colebrook Hides. Alternatively records may be sent directly to the Recorder but to be useful, must contain as a minimum the following information:

  • Name(s) of species observed.
  • Date of observation.
  • Site location: Colebrook Lake North (CLN), Colebrook Lake South (CLS), Colebrook Cut (CC), Grove Lake (GL), River Blackwater (RB).
  • An estimate of the number of adults seen.
  • The observer's name and preferred mode of contact.

All records should be sent to the Dragonfly Recorder: Ken Crick, 29 Village Way, Yateley, Hants. GU46 7SE.

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