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Web Site Information

Update August 2013

Most of the work upgrading the website is now complete. The only remaining area of migration is the back catalog of annual reports which needs recreating, not a simple task. Obviously new content will appear on a regular basis. The one hole that still needs plugging are some policy statements

Update May 2013 Background

As you may have noticed the pre May 2013 web site has not been in a good state. Problems really started when the site was moved to a new server.

So a decision was made to rebuild the site, and the result is what you are looking at now

It should be stressed that some of the content from the old site is still being moved across, and may take several weeks. There will also be fine tuning to the site.

What do you think of the new site?

We welcome your feedback. Is navigation easier? Do you like the look of the site? Anything missing - bearing in mind material is still being added?

If you have comments good or bad please send them to the webmaster using the contact form by selecting "web site"

Future developments

Longer term we are investigating moving the web site to Content Management System. This has a number of benefits, such as members only area. If we proceed - which is not certain yet, it is hoped that this will roll out in 2014

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