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Birds Recording

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Systematic bird recording began in the Moor Green Lakes area in 1990. The bird recording area covered by the Moor Green Lakes Group Annual report has historically comprised a large area of approximately 3 square kilometres which has been loosely termed “Eversley Gravel Pits”. This encompasses gravel pits in both Hants and Berks and was been defined as the area:

  • South of Lower Sandhurst Road
  • West of Mill Lane
  • East of Longwater Road
  • North of the golf course access track running from Reading Road to Mill lane

From 1st January 2012 the recording area has changed to more closely align to the reserve and area of influence of the Moor Green Lakes Group. The new recording area comprises the Moor Green Lakes reserve (Colebrook Lake North, Colebrook Lake South and Grove Lake) plus the New Workings (Colebrook Lake west to Longwater Road), all north of the river. This change should make it easier to monitor impacts of reserve management as counts of wintering/breeding birds in the Annual Report will relate directly to the managed reserve areas.

Bird recording area since January 2012

bird recording area

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The species list for the site includes a Reporting Category in the left-hand column. This refers to the type of records required for each species as follows:

  • 1* = All records required. Please submit notes on the sighting with the record. These notes should include details of the diagnostic identification features which were observed at the time, other species nearby, the duration and distance of the observation, weather conditions, optical aids used and previous experience of the species. This code applies to any species not on the current species list (i.e. new to the reserve).
  • 1 = All records required.
  • 2 = Whole site counts, reserve area counts, breeding summary (number of pairs and young, singing males), early / late dates for summer and winter visitors, movements, unusual dates and interesting behaviour.
  • 3 = Breeding summary only.
  • 4 = Only unusual records for the species e.g. high counts, early breeding records.

Relevant bird records for the new recording area can be submitted in the normal manner via the hide record sheets, berksbirds website or directly, to the MGL Bird Recorder, via the contact form using reason "Bird recording". Records to MGL Bird Recorder are best sent annually at the end of the year except for unusual breeding records or rarities on site (category 1* - vagrants in the Bird species list in Annual Report) where a prompt notification via the contact form would be welcome. Records sent electronically should use the standard format excel record sheets.

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