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Birds Species List

Birds to see Bird recording Bird species list


The tables below show bird species recorded for the whole Eversley GP complex since systematic recording began in 1990.


  • 1* = All records required. Please submit notes on the sighting with the record. These notes should include details of the diagnostic identification features which were observed at the time, other species nearby, the duration and distance of the observation, weather conditions, optical aids used and previous experience of the species. This code applies to any species not on the current species list (i.e. new to the reserve).
  • 1 = All records required.
  • 2 = Whole site counts, reserve area counts, breeding summary (number of pairs and young, singing males), early / late dates for summer and winter visitors, movements, unusual dates and interesting behaviour.
  • 3 = Breeding summary only.
  • 4 = Only unusual records for the species e.g. high counts, early breeding records.


  • R - Resident
  • B - Breeding
  • S - Summer Visitor
  • W - Winter Visitor
  • P - Passage Migrant
  • V - Recorded on 3 or less occasions in that year

Bird List Tables

Table 1

bird list table 1

Table 2

bird list table 2

Table 3

bird list table 3

Table 4

bird list table 4

Table 5

bird list table 5

Table 6 - Summary

bird list table 6

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