Moor Green Lakes Group

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Moor Green Lakes Group Committee

Please Report any Health and Safety Issues on the Reserve to the Site Liaison Officer on 0118 9730199

Main Committee

  • Chairman: Simon Weeks
  • Secretary: Duncan Clark
  • Treasurer & Web Master: Steve Arnold

  • Annual Report Editor: Iain Oldcorn
  • Bird Recorder: Robert Godden
  • Butterfly Recorder: Paul Richards
  • Mammal Recorder: Bernard Baverstock
  • Membership Secretary: Dave Bishop
  • Newsletter Editor & Bird Ringer: Colin Wilson
  • Rangers: Stuart Croft & Eddie Whalley (BVCP)
  • Site Liaison Officer: Simon Weeks

Work Party Volunteer Leaders

  • Work Party Organiser - Duncan Clark
  • Jane Heritage
  • Jon Needes
  • Sarah Elston


  • Assistant Bird Feeder: Kerry Davidson
  • Bats and Other Records: Steve Bailey (BVCP)
  • Beetles and Bugs Recorder: Open
  • Bird Recorder: Robert Godden
  • Bird Feeder: Christine Bartlett
  • Bird Ringer: Colin Wilson
  • Butterfly Recorder: Paul Richards
  • Dragonfly Recorder: Alan Holmes
  • Fungi Recorder: Open
  • Mammal Recorder: Bernard Baverstock
  • Moth Recorder: Ally Williams
  • Nest Box Monitor: Mary Thompson

If you are knowledgable and willing to become a recorder please get in touch.

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