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Autumn mist over Colebrook Lake (Copyright © 2023 Peter Craig)

Autumn mist over Colebrook Lake (Copyright © 2023 Peter Craig)

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The Moor Green Lakes Group (MGLG) was established in 1993 as an organisation to help manage the Moor Green Lakes Nature Reserve in Berkshire, England. Our aims are:

  • To improve the Reserve for wildlife
  • Record and monitor that wildlife
  • Enhance the facilities of the Reserve for members of the Moor Green Lakes Group and other visitors

Health and Safety issues on the Reserve.

If visitors identify any Health and Safety issues on the Reserve, then please report them to the Site Liaison Officer

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Volunteer work on the reserve

Sunday 12th Mar 2024 - Working along North Shore of Grove Lake

It was a rainy start for the volunteers as they went off to tackle the various tasks. One group replaced the broken fence posts found the previous week and were pleased to find the new posts went into the soft ground very easily. The new metal gate into the Grove Lake area was installed, the old one being unusable for a while.

Barbed wire was installed in the NE corner of Colebrook Lake North, completing a job begun a few months beforehand.

Work started on Sunday to clear another area along the shoreline was completed by the removal of several large willows. This was done with the aid of a rope and Nick in waders. Drain rods were used to clear a nearby pipe bringing water from a stream to the lake. The other end of the pipe, hidden in the undergrowth, was found and cleared ensuring a good flow.

Finally, the track between Grove and Colebrook lakes was cleared of overhanging branches to keep it accessible for vehicles and the stream running under the track was cleared allowing it to, once again, flow freely.


Working on the fencing ©2024 MGLG

Sunday 10th Mar 2024 - Working along the North shore of Grove Lake

Twenty three volunteers turned out for the last scheduled Sunday work party. The weather forecast was not good but, surprisingly, we managed to get through the day with just a little drizzle just before we packed up. At times it was warm and coats were removed.


Volunteers clearing bramble and willow from the north shore of Grove Lake ©2024 MGLG

Initially, most of the volunteers worked in the NE corner of Grove Lake removing a huge area of bramble and shoreline willow. A few others worked further along to clear another area near a scrape. Scrapes are areas where the some waterfowl like to get out of the lake and loaf around. Without our removal of large quantities of shoreline willow and other vegetation these areas would quickly disappear.

During the site walk beforehand, it was discovered that several trees had come down over the perimeter fencing on the north of Grove Lake, breaking many fence posts. These trees were removed and the fence temporarily propped up with a view to being repaired during the Tuesday work party.

Both biscuits and cake (thank you Colin for the lemon drizzle and John for the ginger cakes) were enjoyed during the coffee break and at lunch. Then, in the afternoon trees and bramble were removed from another area further along the shore.


A group of volunteers play find the lake ©2024 MGLG

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