Moor Green Lakes Group

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Freshwater Invertebrates

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The dominant habitat at Moor Green Lakes is the water occupying by far the greatest surface area. Visitors appreciate the birds on and around the water. Get exited when they see the occasional mammal swim to or from the islands and drink in the changing seasons as the wide variety of plants sprout, flower and fruit. Not many visitors will give much thought to what is going on beneath the water. Below its surface, around the margins is a jungle of aquatic plants. As the water deepens and less light penetrates the plants species reduce and become weaker.

In this jungle lurk many carnivores and browsers. A world mainly in miniature often best viewed through a lens. This world despite the small size of its inhabitants is very important. The variety and abundance of freshwater invertebrates is our best indication of water quality and provides a valuable food source for many of the birds seen on or around the water margins. The emerging insects are predated from the air by birds such as Sand and House Martins, with Hobbies having a particular penchant for Dragonflies. Otters also are known to have a liking for dragonfly larva.

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