Moor Green Lakes Group

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Online Payments Instructions

Joining Online Payment

All banks provide the means of making payments directly to another bank account, but there may be some minor differences between the various Banks on how this is done, and may not apply to all types of account. We do not use Direct Debits as these are only available to organisations much bigger than us. The steps are

  • Select the payment and transfers facility
  • Select pay bill - or set up standing order if you want to pay automatically each year
  • Select pay another person or business
  • Enter the Moor Green Lakes Group account details, Sort code 201699, Account code 50259993
  • Enter the optional 18 character field with your post code, your house number - or first 7 letters of your house name. See below
  • Enter both the payment amount and the payment date. Don't forget you can add a donation on top of your membership fee.

We will automatically receive your account name (as shown just above the signature line on your cheques) which can help us identify the sender even if some of the information is missing.

Detail of payment reference

Example form filled out

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