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Moor Green Lakes Group History

For the past 50 years or so gravel has been extracted from the Blackwater Valley, stretching westward from Sandhurst to Eversley where it continues today. Moor Green Lakes is the result of restoration of part of that area. Land north of the river stretching for 2.5Km to the west of the Reserve, which is presently being worked, will ultimately become a major extension of the Reserve, more than trebling its size.

The wildlife on the Reserve has been recorded and monitored by the Moor Green Lakes Group since 1993. Nationally rare plants are present on the Reserve and the site is of local importance for wintering wildfowl. Tern Island on Colebrook Lake North has hosted one of Britain's largest inland nesting colonies of Common Terns and Black-headed Gulls.

Some key events for Moor Green Lakes

2014 July Colebrook Hide - Adrian Hobbs and Tony Barnes, repaired and renovated the wheelchair extension in the hide including fixing the leaking roof. Added new seating at the back of the hide. Our thanks to Tony Barnes for his woodworking skills.

2013 December Moor Green Lakes Group contributed to the repair of information sign near the bridleway bridge over the Blackwater water to Yateley. The original sign collapsed due to rot in the wooden legs.

2013 August New bench installed alongside path with view of Colebrook Lake North. The bench is made of recycled plastic which will hopefully last a good many years. The bench was funded by Blackwater Vallery Countryside Trust and installed by 4 volunteers. The photo left shows Peter Scott - lead volunteer - and Geoff Hallam - volunteer - testing the bench out. Not shown Ian Adnams - resting - and Steve Arnold - taking the photo.

2013 March Stabilisation of Blackwater Valley Path caused by fallen tree in river

2013 February Two derelict floating tern rafts were collected from Fleet Pond, restored and installed at Moor Green Lakes.

2010-2011 Replaced 50 meters of fencing, inspected and repaired 2.1km of fencing. This was important for containing the cattle

2009 October A new viewing screen has been built on Grove lake. The materials were generously funded by one of our Members. The construction was carried out by employees of the software company Sage, helped by countryside students from Guildford College and led by Stuart Croft of BVCP.

2009 June Resurfaced bridleway from Moor Green Lakes car park opens

2008 June A viewing screen was erected on the west side of Colebrook Lake South. Materials and construction were generously provided by staff of SC Johnson as a "Community Day".

2007 June Work on the footpath to Colebrook Hide was completed on 26th June and should enable wheelchair access all the year round. The picture shows the path before and after the resurfacing work. The cost of this work was covered by grants gratefully received from Johnson Wax and the Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust, with additional funding from Members donations to the Group.

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