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Banded Demoiselles Appeal

The Demoiselle damselflies are one of the highlights of the Blackwater and Moor Green in summer. Currently there is a project on the interactions between Beautiful and Banded Demoiselles and scientists at the University of Durham want to see the effect on the wing pattern of the Banded males of the presence of the Beautiful for which they need lots of pictures.

For this they need your pictures of male Banded Demoiselles. The British Dragonfly Society’s website gives more details, link below. It also shows a very helpful guide to the differences between the two species.

For more information from the British Dragonfly Society click here .Please read this before uploading your images.

Where to upload your pictures click here

Thank you for your help: I know we have lots of useful material

Alan Holmes - MGLG Dragonfly recorder

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