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Special Reports

New Owl Boxes

2018 Feb 04

On a crisp February Sunday morning with mostly blue skies, we, a small group of intrepid volunteers headed out to install three new Owl boxes at Moor Green Lakes. The three Owl Boxes were purchased from Bishman Barn Owl Group, funded by the Moor Green Lakes Group. The Owl boxes are well built and hopefully we serve us well for many years.

The Barn Owl box was installed on Manor Farm, replacing an existing box that had rotted and fallen off the tree. The old box has been well used by Barn Owls in the past, so we are optimistic the new one should be just as successful.

Installation was successfully completed in the morning. Although between us, we forget to bring biscuits and owls.

The Barn Owl Box
Photographer Roger Murfitt

Two Little owl boxes were installed, one on the North shore of Colebrook Lake, and the other on the North Shore on Manor Farm. These are new locations, so how succesful they will be remains to be see. Certainly Little Owls have been seen in the area, although not for the last couple of years.

The Little Owl Box
Photographer Roger Murfitt

Installing the Barn Owl box.

Installing the barn owl box
Photographer Colin Wilson

Installing one of the Little Owl boxes. Although the caption could be a play on jokes about installing light bulbs, we were all needed in carrying stuff!

Installing the little owl box
Photographer Colin Wilson

My thanks to the volunteers. Roger Murfitt who organised the installation and with Bernard Baverstock were the chief installers. Ablely assisted by Jenny Sibley and Colin Wilson.

Steve Arnold - Author and Ladder holder

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