Moor Green Lakes Group

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Tales from Moor Green Lakes

What happens behind the scenes at Moor Green Lakes, from the BVCP Rangers and Volunteer Leaders


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2017-11-18  Volunteer Leader Update - Plover Island

2017-11-22  Roboteers Start Your Engines

2017-10-18  Volunteer Leader Update - Hide Maintenance

2017-09-15  Out with the Scrub and in with the Birds

2017-07-31  Amber Alert: Shelducks Nesting!

2017-07-26  Volunteer Leader Update - Grove Lake Hide

2017-07-20  Volunteer Leader Update - Balsam Bashing

2017-07-12  Ticks – Staying Safe This Summer

2017-07-10  Finchampsteads Finest Entomologists

2017-07-08  Children find watery insects at Talavera

2017-07-06  Extreme ragwort removal at Moor Green Lake

2017-05-17  Mammals for Members of Moor Green Lakes

2017-05-16  Machine Manoeuvres at Moor Green Lakes

2017-03-25  More Green Lakes Work Party - Ochreous streams and stumperies

2017-02-27  Hedge-laying complete at Moor Green Lakes

2017-02-24  More Green Lakes Work Party - Clearing scrub near Grove Hide

2017-02-22  More Green Meadow

2017-02-04  Moor Green Lakes New Bench

2017-02-01  How to lay a hedge at Moor Green Lakes

2017-01-24  Moor Green Lakes Work Party – Clearing Tern Island


2016-12-30  A fence to far

2016-12-18  Moor Green Lakes Volunteers go to Plover Island

2016-12-01  Belted Galloways by Sunset

2016-11-30  Scraping off ice at Moor Green Lakes

2016-11-01  Brownies and Brown Knees earn Butterfly Badge

2016-10-31  Xylem in a scrape on Long Island

2016-09-28  Bat box checks

2016-09-06  Moor Green Lakes Open Morning

2016-08-26  More Moor Green cutting with Student Matt

2016-08-24  Sea Scout skills at Moor Green Lakes

2016-07-14  Cutting of Manor Farm and Moor Green Paths

2016-06-17  Barn Owls bouncing back in Wokingham

2016-03-31  Jenny wading at Moor Green Lakes

2016-03-04  Coppicing and pollarding at Moor Green Lakes

2016-02-16  Muddy boots as Moor Green Lakes

2016-02-10  Royal Grammer School students help dragonflies

2016-02-06  Volunteers learn hedge-laying

2016-01-27  Staking out coppice stools at Moor Green Lakes

2016-01-22  Restored nesting rafts Tern over a new leaf


2015-12-10  House building for shelducks

2015-12-10  Field Vole Volunteers at Moor Green Lakes

2014-12-08  Island Adventures at Moor Green Lakes

2015-11-26  Mucking about in boats at Moor Green Lakes

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