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Colebrook Lake, Grove Lake and Horseshoe Lake

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Distance 3.1 miles (5 km). Fairly level - easy walk

This walk starts are Moor Green Lakes car park, heads South to the river, then East along the river to Mill Lane bridge, turns North to Horseshoe Lake Car Park and returns along the Lower Sandhurst Road. When walking along the Lower Sandhurst Road do take care, particulary on the blind bends! Occasionally after wet weather the path can get a little muddy in places. After prolonged wet weather, the river level can rise and flood the parts of the path.



1 Starting at Moor Green Lakes Car Park, head South down either the footpath on the left or the bridle way on the right of the hedge (see picture).

2 Cross the bridge adjacent gate to the Colebrook Lake bird hide

3 Continue heading South until you reach the River, then turn left

4 Follow the river using the riverside path for just over 1 mile, passing Grove Lake Hide on route, until you reach Mill Lane Bridge

5 At the bridge turn left on the footpath, and head up to go in front of the water sports centre following the path and go through the gate

6 Continue a short distance up the path, then turn left. The path is on the lake side of the fence, the bridleway on the road side

7 When you reach a fork in the path take the right fork and continue on the path parallel to the bridleway (see picture left)

8 Go through the gate and turn left on to Lower Sandhurst Road

9 Continue along Lower Sandhurst Road until you reach Moor Green Lake Car Park. If you are bored along this stretch you can count the potholes.

Variation 1

This shortens the walk to 1.9 miles (3 km)

1 At Grove Lake Hide, turn left go through the date and follow the refurbished path along the North West side of Horseshow Lake

2 At the end of the path go through the gate and turn left to reach the Lower Sandhurst Road, as step 8 in the main route

Variation 2

This avoids returning along the Lower Sandhurst Road but does require some doubling back - distance 3.8 miles (6.1 km)

1 At point 7 in the main walk above, take the left hand fork and continue on the main path

2 Go through the gate and round the North-Eastern edge of Horseshoe Lake

3 When you reach the river, turn right and retrace your steps back to Moor Green Lake Car park

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