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Conservation Work Parties

Changes due to corona virus pandemic

We still plan to run volunteer sessions, but special considerations are in place due to the pandemic

Regular volunteers will be contacted and asked to prebook their sessions as numbers are limited.

Volunteers will be asked to bring their own refreshments, tools and gloves

If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer, please contact us using the Contact Form - with the destination of Work Parties - and we will get back to you.

We will be working with the BVCP volunteer handbook, available to download here

Planned work for 2020~2021

Tuesday parties are led by Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership but Moor Green Lake Members more than welcome.

Sunday parties are led by one of 3 Moor Green Lakes Group Volunteer Leaders listed below.

  • Duncan Clark
  • Jon Needes
  • Jane Heritage


  • Tuesday 25th August 2020 - Colebrook Hide Haycut and Scrapes
    • Hay cut bird feeder meadow
    • Cut back in front of Colebrook hide
    • Remove vegetation on Colebrook hide scrapes
    • Cut back in front of Colebrook viewing point
    • Leader: Jenny
  • Tuesday 8th September 2020 - River Path Maintenance
    • Build dog steps
    • Cut back tree branches in River for boat access
    • Repair Gate
    • Himalayan Balsam pull
    • Leader: Jenny
  • Sunday 13th September 2020 - Grove Hide vegetation clearance
    • Clear reeds and vegetation in front of Grove hide
    • Cut back in front of viewing screen
    • Cut back saplings in acidic scrapes
    • Cut back cow looker paths
    • Leader: Duncan
  • Sunday 11th October 2020 - Plover Island & Colebrook North shoreline
    • Clear Plover Island vegetation starting from West Side
    • Cut back shoreline saplings
    • Dead hedge saplings to fill in gaps by neighbours fencing
    • Leader: Jane
  • Tuesday 13th October 2020 - Plover Island & Colebrook North shoreline
    • Finish Plover Island vegetation clearance with machines
    • Continue cutting back shoreline saplings and dead hedging
    • Restore bee exposures
    • Leader: Matt
  • Sunday 8th November 2020 -Tern Island & Colebrook West shoreline
    • Clear Tern Island of vegetation
    • Cut back shoreline saplings West side working way North
    • Dig out saplings in meadow
    • Leader: Jon
  • Tuesday 10th November 2020 - Tern Island & Colebrook West shoreline
    • Remove Tern Island fence
    • Finish island vegetation clearance
    • Cut back shoreline saplings from North – West Corner working East
    • Leader: Matt
  • Tuesday 8th Decemeber 2020 - Long Island task
    • Hay cut grassland
    • Cut back encroaching bramble
    • Cut back access
    • Cut back Sandpiper island
    • Leader: Jenny and Matt
  • Sunday 13th December 2020 - Long Island task
    • Cut back saplings from scrapes
    • Fell Birch on to expose more of the sunny southern scrapes
    • Leader: Jane
  • Sunday 10th January 2021 - Hedge Laying
    • Hedge laying between the bridleway and footpath
    • Move cutting to Manor Farm bridleway view
    • Cut back laid hedge and paths
    • Leader: Duncan
  • Tuesday 12th January 2021 - Hedge Laying
    • Hedge laying between the bridleway and footpath
    • Remove old fencing along river
    • Repair nearby reserve fence posts
    • Leader: Jenny
  • Sunday 14th February 2021 - Tern Rafts and hibernacula
    • Rescue Tern Rafts, remove gravel and broken side panels, install chains
    • Cut back saplings around beach for access
    • Cut back Willow in front of Barn Owl box to restore hide view
    • Restore hibernacula
    • Leader: Jon
  • Tuesday 16th February 2021 - Tern Rafts and between the Lakes
    • Move Tern rafts (1 Colebrook + 1 Grove), replace gravel and anchor down
    • Cut back saplings on Grove beach
    • Cut back view from river side bench
    • Cut back saplings Goose Island
    • Finish gate repairs
    • Leader: Jenny and Matt
  • Sunday 14th March 2021 - Backup
    • Leader: Volunteer
  • Tuesday 16th March 2021 - Backup
    • Leader: Ranger

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